From time to time we receive emails asking about the club, and we are always happy to help and try to get back to people as soon as possible.

Many people who are considering joining our club are completely new to the whole athletics club scene, and so it is understandable that they will have lots of questions and concerns, How long do you train? Where do you meet? Will I be too slow? etc, so we have posted some of the most common questions and answers here for you to take a look at, however if the question you have is not here please get in touch (details on the contact page) we will always try our best to help.

Q. Can I just turn up then and take part?

A. Yes, you don’t need to book in! Just turn up ask around for one of the Knowsley Harriers AC coaches who will have a brief chat to find out what ability you currently have and advise you on what group would be best for you to start in, everyone is really friendly and it will seem like everyone is chatting amongst themselves but don’t worry you will soon be part of the Knowsley Harriers AC family.

If you are thinking of joining us then please feel free to come along and train with us for a week before becoming a member, this way you will get the chance to sample what the clubs has to offer and make sure that becoming a member is something that you think is the right choice for you.

Q. My son/daughter would like to try out athletics. Can they come along to a training session to have a go?

A. Yes, of course. Feel free to attend a few sessions first to see how your son/daughter gets on, please see our junior training page for more information here

Q. Do I need to get fit before I come along?

A. We want you to come along and get fit! the purpose of the club is to improve your fitness so why get fit before you even come! (as with all physical activity it is recommended that you seek advice from a doctor before participating if you have done no physical activity in recent years.)

Q. Do you have male & female members?

A. Yes we welcome both Male and Female members, and have a good friendly spirit around the club so regardless of gender we are all Harriers!

Q. How much is it to join?

A. For the current membership fees please visit the membership page of the website, Knowsley Harriers AC is not a business or for profit organisation so all money raised via membership is used to further develop the club for the benefit of its members.

Q. What time & days does the club meet?

A. We meet every Tuesday & Thursday, Sessions start at 7pm so we ask that you arrive as early as possible. Sessions normally last around 1 hour.

Q. What is the purpose of the club?

A. The club serves several purposes, running with others provides safety in numbers and training in a social environment  and can provide encouragement and competition for those that want to be competitive.

The club exists to improve the health & well being of our members, many of our members join to get fit, lose weight, train for a race and many just to have fun!

Q. What equipment do I need?

A. This is a really common question, the great thing about running is it is a really cheap form of keeping fit, all you really need is some suitable clothing i.e Shorts T-Shirt and some running trainers, for those that are new to running come along and try it out, but if you like it and start to increase the time you spend running we would recommend that you visit a running shop such as Natterjacks to receive a gait analysis which will determine the correct style of shoe for your feet.

One other thing that I always recommend is a watch! a watch is for me a must for all runners, you don’t need one but I find it is really good to monitor your progress.

In terms of clothing we also offer some Knowsley Harriers AC branded clothing available to purchase here.

There is no doubt other things you want to know, and please feel free to use our contact form to ask any questions you have, or come along and give it a go… might just love it!