Chris Wills: Chairman

Chris Wills is the club chairman. He oversees the general running of the club to ensure we offer our members a safe environment in which they can fulfil their running potential. He works closely with the rest of the committee in all areas including club training, running development, club races, event support and social activities. Every week, he keeps members informed of all club activities through the chairman’s blog that is published on our members Facebook group and Website.

Anja Pownell: Secretary

Anja Pownell is the club and membership secretary. She is in charge of keeping our membership list up to date, sorting the club’s and members’ England athletics and Northern athletics affiliation and ensuring a smooth renewal process. Memberships run from 1 April until 30 March, so renewals are usually commenced on 1 March every year. Anja is also organising our Club championships and Club Standards awards.

Karen Parry: Treasurer

Karen Parry is the treasurer of KHAC. She reconciles the bank account with all payments made to and from the club. She also leads our running sessions at the Kirkby track and takes care of the Junior running sessions.

Chris Pownell: Team manager

Chris Pownell is the team manager. This role involves ensuring that the members know of any upcoming championship races, along with submitting teams to the organisers when necessary. Chris is also the main contact for the group 1 training sessions, which are based away from the Halewood Environment Centre in order to get the most from the sessions. 

Kelly Marrin: Race director

Kelly Marrin is the race director and helps to organise the Club races. She is responsible for organising the UKA licences and ensures results are published on runbritain/power of 10. In the weeks leading up to our races, she always seeks the help of our club members to volunteer on race days to ensure the smooth running of these successful events.

Frank Murphy: Committee member

Frank Murphy is our lead coach for group 3, and the key holder for the Environment centre and Rangers hut at Halewood. He is likely one of the first people you might get introduced to on your first training night at our Halewood location, and is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Jayne Ellis: Merchandise officer

Jayne Ellis is responsible for ordering club vests and merchandise. She places a few orders per year and has a good knowledge of their sizing. She is always on the lookout for new items of kit to order and personalise with our club badge and colours and is happy to help you with your requirements. 

Katie Pownell: Social media officer

Katie Pownell is the club’s media officer. She is responsible for managing the club’s social media and email accounts and responding to queries from club members and the general public. Katie also helps to keep the club Website up to date. 

Russ Owens: Welfare officer

Russ Owens is responsible for Safeguarding & Welfare. He ensures that the safety and welfare of our members is taken seriously in regard to club events and activities, and that everyone, especially children and vulnerable adults, is safeguarded within the club. He is the first point of contact in regard to any bullying concerns that members may have, or become aware of, and if necessary, passes these on to the club committee for further investigation.