Knowsley Harriers AC has a strong cross country running member history and so to reflect this we operate an annual cross country running championship. In each race every member will be given a score based upon their finishing position against other members of Knowsley Harriers AC.


  • First member home, for each gender, will score 20 points, second 19, and so on.
  • All members running will score at least 1 point.
  • It is your best 5 out of the club championship races based on total points that count during the year. Due to risks of injury etc. we would not expect our members to participate in every race.
  • Second claim members are not included in the club championship.
  • The overall winners for both Male & Female categories will be announced at the 2018 Christmas awards ceremony.

The cross country running championship races for 2017/18 were as follows:


  • NWSCCL Clarke Gardens
    – Sunday 29th October 2017 COMPLETED
  • NWSCCL Beacon Park
    – Sunday 12th November 2017 COMPLETED
  • British Cross Challenge, Sefton Park
    – Saturday 25th November 2017 COMPLETED
  • NWSCCL Arrowe Park
    – Sunday 10th December 2017 COMPLETED
  • Merseyside XC Championships Arrowe Park
    – Saturday 6th January 2018 COMPLETED
  • NWSCCL Town Park, Runcorn
    – Sunday 14th January 2018 COMPLETED
  • NWSCCL Croxteth Park
    – Sunday 28th January 2018 COMPLETED
  • L&D Championships, Clarke Gardens
    – Sunday 11th February 2018 COMPLETED
  • NWSCCL Birchwood
    – Sunday 25th February 2018 COMPLETED

RESULTS: If your result is not listed, please contact us, so that we can ensure it counts towards the championship