Knowsley Harriers AC has a strong road running member base and so to reflect this we operate an annual road running championship. In each race every member will be given a score based upon their finishing position against other members of Knowsley Harriers AC. The score will be related to the number of Knowsley Harriers AC club members that you finish ahead of. For example if 30 members enter the race and you are the first Harrier to finish you will receive 30 points, if you are the last Harrier back you will receive 1 point. In the event of a tie between two or more KHAC members scoring the same points, this will be decided by head to head performances between the members involved. KHAC Club Championship Rules:

  • At KHAC members can vote with their feet, and if any race has more than 20 members taking part this is then added to the championship.
  • It is your best 10 points totals out of the club championship races that count during the year. Due to risks of injury etc we would not expect our members to participate in every race.
  • When you enter a race please use “Knowsley Harriers AC” as club name, this makes it easier to collate results after each race.
  • You must wear the club vest for your result to be included.
  • The overall winners for both Male & Female categories will be announced at the 2014 Christmas awards ceremony.

The road running championship races for 2014 are as follows: (dates will be updated as they are confirmed)

  1. Helsby 4 Villages Half Marathon – 19th January
  2. Merseyvend 5k – 1st February
  3. Merseyvend 5k – 1st March
  4. Liverpool Half Marathon – 23rd March
  5. Run the Bridge 5 mile – 20th April
  6. Spring 10k – 4th May
  7. Walton Park 5 mile – 20th May
  8. Liverpool Rock N Roll Half and Full Marathon – 25th May
  9. Merseyvend 5k – 7th June
  10. Tunnel 10k – 8th June
  11. Mystery 5k – 17th June
  12. Merseyvend 5k – 5th July
  13. Sefton Park 5 Mile – 16th July
  14. Penny Lane 10k – 20th July
  15. Merseyvend 5k – 2nd August
  16. Mystery 5k – 12th August
  17. Birchwood 10k – 17th August
  18. Merseyvend 5k – 6th September
  19. Southport 10k – 28th September
  20. Wirral 10k – 12th October
  21. Preston 10 – November 16th

RESULTS (if your result is not listed please contact us so that we can ensure it counts towards the championship)

Club Championship as of 17/11/2014